Emissivity (Sobrino et al., 2003)


Emissivities are estimated for day-time acquisitions from FVC and VIIRS band 5 information (ρ5), following the methodology presented by Sobrino et al. (2003). These emissivities correspond to VIIRS thermal bands 15 and 16, and are estimated differently depending on the vegetation proportion within a given pixel, following the same approach than for MODIS instrument.

In the case of night-time acquisition, such method cannot be implemented due to the lack of solar radiation, therefore the emissivity estimates during the previous days are used for further calculations.





Sobrino, J. A., El Kharraz, J. & Li, Z. L. (2003). Surface temperature and water vapour retrieval from MODIS data, International Journal of Remote Sensing, 24, 5161-5182.