The Calibration of Earth Observation Satellites in Spain project has developed a full operational chain for advanced retrieval and processing of MODIS and SEVIRI data in real-time acquired at the Global Change Unit (UCG), Image Processing Laboratory (IPL), University of Valencia, Spain.


Our MODIS/SEVIRI calibrated/validated data and products obtained from our processing chains are distributed through an on-line portal which allows a user-friendly and effective access to the data. The products are freely available from the portal page.


These products are different form the official MODIS and SEVIRI products, since our algorithms have been developed and validated specifically over the Iberian Peninsula. Moreover, our products are available for download within one hour (SEVIRI) amd three hours (MODIS) of image reception, far more quickly than their official counterparts.


We thank the MODIS and SEVIRI teams for providing the data received by our antennas.

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